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Reflex is an experimental artwork that captures complex three-dimensional forms within lasered blocks of edge illuminated glass. Inspired by intricate lace patterns and geometric forms, Dominic Harris sought to explore the natural design evolution of early Belgium lace embroideries and weaving.

This work was exhibited in Art Miami in Basel, Switzerland

Christopher Pearson

We’ve been collaborating since Christopher’s work on the T5 Heathrow project.

Here is the range of candlesticks “Etch” available in 3 different sizes. There are 4 different styles from “splash” and “Newton” to the more classical “trad” and “hanging”.

Contact us for pricing. This work was exhibited in Art Miami in Basel, Switzerland


Bombay Sapphire award entry “dogfight” 4 blocks 15 x 35 x 10cm. The flight of a moth was filmed, digitalized and engraved in these 4 pieces; the moth following its path from one block to another.


In 2007 the historic Tour de France began in London. To celebrate this event there was an exhibition held in the Tank at the Design Museum. Curated by Ben Wilson, Industrial designer and bike fanatic, an exploded, annotated diagram of a fixed geared bike was lasered by Vitrics into a plaque of low iron content glass 2000 x 1500 x 10mm and suspended in the Tank.


Sculpture in optical glass, titled « Recombining Zwicky box, ou cinq milliard d’années de matière noire déduite des déformations espace-temps »

(Photos by Jean-christophe Lett)

Pierre Alivon